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Avatar Korra

I am learning everyday by joining this fandom.

Joining the tumblr ATLA/tLoK fandom has really opened my eyes. I never know such problems existed in a childrens cartoon until I started seeing issues such as whitewashing, feminism, etc. Avatar has created an even bigger influence on me, and is educating me and enlightening me about the IRL issues of the world. 

But sometimes it just goes way too far. Korra obviously has flaws, and the first episode was made to present those flaws. Obviously, the series will end more positively. Korra needs to overcome these shortcomings, and that is what the whole series is about. I know it’s impossible to change some peoples minds about what they believe in (even if it’s totally incorrect), but you should at least recognize the fact that this is just one episode out of 26. Character development can’t be completed in 22 minutes of footage. Here is a lovely GIF to sum up my feelings:

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    Aprecciate This blog! Apreciate it!!!!! This is The whole truth of every person that has joined to This awesome fandom....
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    @pencil-paper-passion I know that feel. >_>; People just freak out and overreact because they must be too lazy to do...
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    I have so much love for these quality people.
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