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guys guys guys someone stole my art on the ask korra blog they even cropped out the watermarks and put it on deviantart IS THIS WHAT FAME IS LIKE.

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    Hate it when that happens!!!
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    they stole your art???
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    i got dis ya’ll
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    Sending Mr. Face after them seems like a good plan.
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    To people in general who steal art:
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  11. bmblbear said: Are you serious! We can still report it!!!
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  14. electronbendinggirl said: Lol I love how you excited that someone stole your art XD It’s so funny but its true, that now means you’re famous!
  15. occey said: which picture?
  16. lavendertigress said: LINK SO I CAN REPORT THEM?!?!
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    Lol you’re funny. If it were me I would be like THAT’S MINE YOU STUPID BITCH
  18. ask-retired-general-iroh said: I’m so sorry someone stole your awesome artwork and is trying to pass it off as theirs. :(
  19. doodleniks said: ):
  20. rainydaysandwinterhaze said: Let me take a Katrina line: WHO DO I HAVE TO CUT
  21. theboomeraang said: Let me see!!! Link?
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