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Avatar Korra

//incoherent sobbing.

Welcome to my blog Sifu Kisu. I hope you can enjoy your stay. I will be drawing a picture for you…. soon.

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  1. jwxwei said: holy crap. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU EQRA <3
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    OOHH YAAAAYYY LETS ALL GET HAPPY FOR EQRA! Okay, this is kinda weird because she doesn’t even follow me but whatever I...
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    Oooh congrats! He’s picking some excellent people to follow.
  4. unlimitedobsessions said: oms
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  6. korra-the-leaf said: congratulations! :)
  7. synorama said: Congrats! :)
  8. schniggles said: Congratulations! You’re awesome and you totally deserve it. YOU GO GURL
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